Review: Man Card

tl;dr: fun romantic romp with a dash of danger

The Story:

Picking up almost exactly where we left off from Man Hands, Man Card starts with Ash and Braht competing to sell Tom Spanner’s giant house. They are in full-on competition, with Ash deliberately trying to sabotage him. Instead of getting angry, however, Braht is just getting turned on by her feistiness. He’s cool and calm about her attempts to thwart him, and she’s becoming frustrated; and not just about the house.

Ash has demons in her past that make her think that Braht’s shiny, preppy exterior is an act, and she refuses to be pulled in. But more and more, she gets to see that he’s a genuine guy. And when her ex-husband, whom she helped put in prison, is granted parole, she becomes fearful. So who does she run to? A very delighted Braht.

I can’t think of another romance novel with an apologetically effeminate hero who is also heterosexual and masculine despite liking pedicures and the color pink. It was a really interesting look at a different type of hero, who is alpha and beta at the same time. (Also, his real first name is Sebastian. Braht is kind of a… nickname. Wink.)

Technical Elements:

This book was just as funny as Man Hands, although some of the plot lines get a little more serious, due to Ash’s ex-husband. It continues that same casual narrative style that the first book did, although the voices of each character (all four, really, counting the two protagonists in the first book) are clear and distinct.

Final Thoughts:

I think I liked this one even more than the first one, but both were hilariously funny and sweet and sexy, and I highly recommend them for a light romance.

This book is unavailable at libraries but you can purchase from your favorite retailer.

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Book provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review

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