Review: Michael’s Wings

tl;dr: wonderful and heartwarming edition to the Original Sinners canon

The Story:

If you have read and enjoyed Tiffany Reisz’s Original Sinners books (which I have), then this novella is a lovely addition to the overall canon. It fills in some blanks that weren’t addressed by the main series about the engagement of Michael and Griffin, the circumstances leading up to popping the question and then some fun times with Mistress Nora in her play room. It’s a sweet story about a lot of things that have come up in Michael’s life; how he’s dealing with them, how the age difference between him and Griffin affects their relationship, and other outside influences.

This book is actually a collection of novellas, but the first story, Michael’s Wings, is a new one for this fan. The other stories were previously freebies on her website (but have since been removed because of this publication). Some highlights include Gauze, where Michael has to overcome something that gives him PTSD to his suicide attempt, and Christmas in 37A, detailing a time where Griffin and Michael went through a bit of a hurdle in their relationship. All are delightful details that really round out the relationship between these two men.

Technical Elements:

This book is not a good starting place for newbies to the Original Sinners series. It would be beneficial to at least read The Angel first, although I highly recommend starting from the beginning and working your way through. The good news is, for experienced Sinners fans, there is not a lot of repetition and rehashes of earlier plots. There’s just enough to gently remind you of some certain things without beating you on the head about it.

Final Thoughts:

If you have read and enjoyed the main 8 books in the series, you will likely enjoy this collection. It is basically only about Michael and Griffin, however, so if that is your least favorite relationship from the series, maybe steer clear. The other Sinners make appearances, but the stories aren’t about them.

This book is published through 8th Circle Press, so I’m unsure whether it’ll show up in libraries. Take a peek here for updates, or purchase from your favorite retailer!

If this story sounds good but you want to start from the beginning, read The Angel by Tiffany Reisz. I highly recommend starting with The Siren, but if you can’t wait to dive in, The Angel involves a lot of Griffin and Michael.

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