Review: Pregnant by the Billionaire

tl;dr: quick and cheesy read that’s fairly light hearted and sexy

The Story:

When Sawyer Locke experiences multitudes of setbacks trying to restore a hotel that’s been in his family for generations, likely due to his own father’s sabotage, he decides it’s time to hire a new PR team. It so happens to be the employer of a one-night stand he had that was apparently pretty great, but not so great that he called her after their night together. When they meet up again, he is game to go for another round, but Kendall is not so keen. Particularly when one of her colleagues just got fired for messing around with a client.

She doesn’t put up much of a fuss though, because she’s been really tired and horny lately. They end up embarking on a secret affair, and then Kendall finds out she’s actually pregnant from their tryst of two months before. Sawyer doesn’t think he’s dad material, of course, and Kendall is already on thin ice when her boss discovers she’s been banging their high profile client, and so Kendall cuts him off from her. In a series of sweeping gestures, they come together and decide to get engaged and have a real relationship.

Technical Elements:

The first thing about this book is that it’s totally fine. It’s a nice romance that doesn’t have much to complain about it. It’s a little cheesy. Some of the dialogue between the characters feels forced and unnatural. I felt that the absence of minor symptoms that could have been red flags for the pregnancy (sensitive nipples, etc) was unfortunate, because tiredness and sex dreams are barely the top of the iceberg, although it was nice that she didn’t just start hurling suddenly, as often is the case for accidental pregnancy stories.

My biggest complaint is that the mystery of who has been sabotaging the Grand Legacy’s construction is never truly revealed. There’s a scene between Sawyer and his father where the Mr. Locke asserts that his late first wife (Sawyer’s mother) had ties to people who were maybe on the dangerous side, but that plot is completely dropped. It seems that maybe the story will continue in another novel, but that seems ambitious for a category romance.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, this was a pretty fun read and I was engaged and interested in the two leads getting to their happily ever after. It wasn’t entirely rushed, although it could have been flushed out a teensy bit more. I would have liked more explicit flashbacks to their one night tryst, but the smut scenes we got were decent.

Find it at your local library!

Looking for more knocked up mamas? Maybe This Love by Jennifer Snow has a fun little twist on a pregnancy storyline. And there’s always the classic Susan Elizabeth Phillips novel Nobody’s Baby But Mine.


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