Review: A Bright Red Ribbon

fernmichaels_images_cover-abrightredribbonThis was seriously the most terrible book I’ve read in a long time. It was definitely worse than the “bad” book that I read for this challenge. It was really short, and that is the only positive thing that I can say about it.

Morgan (“Mo” – yes, seriously) is an adult woman who has legit waited two years without hearing so much as an “I’m alive” from her former boyfriend. She spent these two years making herself over into a supermodel, curating a wardrobe of fancy clothes and working out to make herself super hot, so that IF Keith keeps his promise to meet her at her parents’ Christmas tree, they can get engaged and live happily ever after. Just, what? No, she isn’t certain that he will actually show up. It’s been two years! Anyways, her town gets hit with a ridiculous blizzard and because she is insane, she begins driving to her parents’ house anyway. Of course, she gets stranded. She decides to walk somewhere (???) and right when she is about to collapse from frostbite and exhaustion, a dog finds her and gets her to follow him by waving a red ribbon and biting her.

So she winds up at some guy’s cottage. He is in a wheelchair, and yells at her to take a shower and not fall asleep and die of hypothermia. She falls asleep after her shower and wakes the next day. They exchange weird dialogue that’s mostly antagonistic, but somehow get drunk and end up doing it on the floor in front of a roaring fire. Neither of them have been taught how to be grown-ups apparently, because they are super awkward the next day and even though one night of passion and barbs made them head over heels, they both pretend they feel nothing.

Mo (gosh I hate that nickname) breaks it off with Keith the next day when she realizes that he is a man child. But even then, she and Marcus dance around their feelings forever. One day, Marcus shows up at her doorstep with the dog and then disappears. She tries to contact him for ages, but can’t get in touch. She has to move to accommodate having a dog, so he can’t contact her either. So then, the next Christmas, she breaks into the cottage so that the dog can go home for Christmas. (Yep…) And then Marcus shows up – but now he can walk! They exchange some more flirtatious insults, and the book ends.


1 star.

The book fulfills the book set at Christmas and the book with a color in the title requirements for the challenge.


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