Reading Challenge September Wrap Up

I think this is a record, because I only read one book this month and it didn’t even check off a box. I don’t know if I’m necessarily losing steam, but I have been spending a lot of time listening to podcasts this month rather than reading. I should probably get going because I have three months left and 11 boxes to go.

I finished Betrayed by Jeannette Windle October 1 (yesterday), but it didn’t make the cut off for the September books. The only book I completed in September was The Martian. Which was a fantastic book, and the narration from the audio book was excellent. We will be discussing it for my book club in less than a week, and the movie comes out today.

Other books I’m working on still include Lady Chatterley’s Lover. I need to discipline myself into reading at least one chapter a day to knock it out, because I’m unfortunately not enjoying it very much. I would give up on it like I did Emma, but I’m over halfway through it and it knocks off two boxes.

I ordered the book based on its cover from Paperback Swap. It’s called Penelope by Rebecca Harrington. The cover is a waffle with the Harvard logo on it, and it’s bright pink, which is what caught my eye when I was in Barnes & Noble for another reason. I also have my Christmas/number book at the ready. What I should start looking for is a book published this year. I have a few that I’m interested in, I just need to pick one.

Well, this isn’t much of an update since I am still where I ended last month. Hopefully October will be a month full of good reading!

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