Reading Challenge April Wrap Up


I don’t know why, but April seemed way busy. Too busy to get much reading done. I really only managed to read 3 books, because the Captain Marvel was a short graphic novel and I read the whole thing while Ruby took a nap in the car one afternoon. I checked off even fewer boxes because half of the books I read fulfilled zero requirements. I’m trying to change that this month with my choices. But I’ll get to that. First, what I read this month.

I read the 5th book in the Kissed By An Angel series, Everlasting. It made me interested enough to track down the 6th book, that I serendipitously found at Half Price Books for less than the Amazon price. I should probably read it soon, before I totally forget what happened in the previous book. Good thing I have these reviews to remind me.

Then, was the Captain Marvel graphic novel. I was really surprised by how much I loved this. Of course, I went into it knowing I was going to love Chewie (the cat, not the Wookie), but the entire story was great. I really felt like I got a sense of who Carol Danvers is as a character, although I would like to read the origin story. I will probably add this series to my list of graphic novels that I follow (since I do that now.)

I only really read Sycamore Row to get some kind of perspective on my feelings about A Time To Kill. I definitely can see how John Grisham has improved as a writer (or at least found a better editing team), but some of the old sexism lingers. It makes me curious about his other works, but I don’t know if I have the patience to read all of them and see how things change over time. At least the racial aspects got better.

The last book I completed in April was Where We Belong, which I had been wanting to get to for some time and the library didn’t have an ebook copy and so I just kept neglecting it. I finally ordered it from Paperback Swap and then it sat on my shelf for awhile. Finally, I picked it up so I could check off a box, and as hoped, I really enjoyed this (despite the air-deflating ending).

I have slowed down a little in my reading frenzy, as usually happens around summer time for me. I’ve been watching some movies and catching up on podcasts in my down time, and so I haven’t been racing through books. I did read Still Alice for my upcoming book club meeting, and I sort of halfheartedly read a bit of Emma. I’m considering tossing Emma to the way side because I just can’t get into it.

Next up is my short story collection. I have a book that I’ve had for a really long time that I will probably read. I’m hoping one of the short stories takes place in France, because that would also knock off another box. I also have my last Kissed By An Angel book to read. I think I found the book I’m going to use for poorly reviewed, which is a memoir from a frequent wedding guest called Save the Date. The reviews on Goodreads and Amazon aren’t good, even though most of the published book reviews I saw were pretty good. The Britney Spears book is still a contender though!

I’ve read 14 books and checked off 23 boxes for the challenge!

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