Review: Choosing You

tl;dr: novella that’s short, sweet, and spicy

The story:

There are a few writers out there that can impel me to click on the purchase button with very little debate, and Jenny Trout (or her pseudonym Abigail Barnette) is one of them. This short and sweet novella is new adult, meaning that it is a stepping stone between young adult and regular adult (old adult?) fiction, so basically this story is about college-age adults, who are so new to adulthood that these stories usually present with a few themes, like finding careers, discovering themselves as individuals, and immaturity.

Madison is taking a 6-week course in Wales, partly because she enjoys the subject of Arthurian literature, but let’s be real: mostly she wants to make goo-goo eyes at her devastatingly sexy professor. She’s shocked when it turns out that her desires aren’t unrequited, and they embark on a pretty sexy affair. Madison, however, begins to realize that the daydream of banging her professor and the reality of it are not quite the same, and she needs to do some soul-searching during her 6-week trip.

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