Review: Boy Toy

Boy Toy is the third book in the Man Hands series, which revolves around three friends who all happen to be divorced, and are looking for distraction but end up finding love. In this book, we get Sadie’s story, although we’ve gotten glimpses of what’s going on with her from the very beginning. Sadie has two twin girls who she loves but are exhausting the way that babies are, times two. We’ve known her marriage is kind of rocky all along, but near the end of the second book, Man Card, we find out that her husband has been banging the nanny.

When the action picks up in this book, Sadie is done with nannies (obviously), but still needs care for her girls, so she enrolls them at a local daycare center. She is started to find that the person in charge of the 2 year old room is a walking wet dream named Liam.

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